Monday, March 10, 2014

Slice Of Life #6: Life Happens

Well, it didn't take long for me to miss a few days of the Slice Of Life Blogging Challenge. I was going pretty well before I hit some roadblocks called LIFE. What has taken me away from composing these daily blogs? I thought I would share a list of what happened:

CISV happened. 

CISV is a global non-profit organization whose mission is to "educate and inspire action for a more just and peaceful world." This group of volunteers believe that "Peace education provides us with the Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge we need to become agents of change, both locally and globally. In other words, to become Active Global Citizens."  CISV offers local, national and international educational programs for youth.  I have been part of the Columbus chapter of CISV since 2005.  Over the years, I have participated in these camps in Sweden, Italy, Norway, and Germany, as well as Philadelphia and Denver.

CISV is in over 60 countries, and there are 21 chapters in the US. I am the president of the Columbus chapter, as well as the local leadership trainer. As the LLT, I am responsible for training all of the teens and adult leaders who will be traveling this summer with delegations of youth from the Columbus area.  CISV has its own curriculum and there is a lot of material to cover, and many of our leaders are brand new to this organization.  It is my job to educate them on the vision, purpose and educational content of CISV.  I love teaching, whether it is kids or adults.

PD happened.  

I have about 5 professional books that I am currently reading.  For some reason, I have it in my mind that I can juggle four books, yet I manage to not finish one of them.  Sure, Scott. You can read FIVE books and participate in multiple book talks.  No problem.  To some degree, it's not a problem.  But, I am finding myself not being able to put each book down.  There was one night that I spend 20 minutes on each book.

My current reading list:

Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us by Daniel Pink (Re-reading)
Choice Words: How Our Language Affects Children's Learning by Peter Johnston (Book-talk)
A Repair Kit For Grading: 15 fixes for broken grades by Ken O'Connor (for a district committee)
The Literacy Teacher's Playbook by Jennifer Serravallo (self-learning)
What A Writer Needs: 2nd Edition by Ralph Fletcher (self-learning)

Health happened.

I have been working on resetting my eating habits for the past 6 weeks.  As of this morning, I have lost 20 pounds.  I have not been working out much, but I have severely cut calories and I'm eating much smaller portions.  I have learned that the key to losing weight is simple.  YOU ARE ALWAYS HUNGRY.  You just learn to deal with it.

Taxes happened.

I have been working on my taxes, which is always a non-highlight of the year.  Thank goodness for Turbo Tax!

While I haven't been "slicing" in the past few days, I had to make way for life.  While I have not met the 31 consecutive days of blogging challenge, I still feel like I am accomplishing a great deal.  I am writing more. I am reflecting more.  I am connecting more.

I had to stop writing about slices of life to experience some slices of life.


  1. You are right - life happens. I like how you looked at the positive - slice experiences! Hope you have a better week!

  2. So many mini-slices in this slice!! I think it is a huge accomplishment that you noticed you had missed a day or two, and you were able to recall the slices that existed while you were away from your computer! Sometimes that are the greatest challenges for me!

  3. Writing matters, no matter if it you make the everyday. I'm so glad I am not doing the taxes! I will have to look up that O'Connor book (love the Johnston, Pink and Fletcher titles on your list).

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  5. Scott,
    You have been very busy. My taxes are my spring break challenge. Won't that be fun!

    You said, "I still feel like I am accomplishing a great deal. I am writing more. I am reflecting more. I am connecting more." I'm glad you are finding time to write and do the things that matter to you.