Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Slice Of Life - Day 1

I have decided to join the March Slice of Life Challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers. As with the many others, I intend to write every day in the month of March.

I attempted this last year, but only could sustain for one week. This year, I hope to carry on through the entire month. Why don’t we do this in February, which is three whole days shorter?

Also, this year, I have decided to invite my students to join me in this blogging challenge. Unfortunately, I was not in the classroom today because I attended a district curriculum committee meeting. However, tomorrow I am going to explain this project. I am not sure how many of them will accept this challenge, but I hope it will be a good number. I anticipate that a majority will start this challenge along with me.

My hopes for this project are that my students will:
  • Be more motivated to write
  • Be more engaged in the writing process
  • Discover their own writing process
  • Establish connections beyond our classroom walls
  • Understand more deeply the power of effective feedback
  • Feel empowered by feedback and comments from each other, family members and strangers who visit our blogs
  • See that writing is something that can be fun
  • Encourage others to write
  • Feel like part of a community of writer
Most importantly, I want my students to have fun. This time of year can be chaotic and tedious. There are many disruptions, such as preparations for state testing and scheduling for middle school. It’s time to put some fun into our daily time together.

I cannot wait to see where this Slice Of Life challenge takes us. But, I look forward to seeing what kind of impact it will surely have on my classroom culture.


  1. Hey Scott! I'm really curious how you're going to get your students going? I teach high school and had my students start a blog at the beginning of the year, but have a tough time keeping it going. I would love to hear your plan :)

    1. Hi Molly, My students are used to blogging, as each has a KidBlog page. After lots of discussion about blogging at the beginning of the year (why we blog, ideas for posts, commenting etiquette, etc.), my students have been posting blogs about once a week. I don't assign nightly homework per se, but they have 3-4 "Weekly Work" assignments to complete each week (Monday to Monday). One of these assignments is to publish a blog post and comment on a classmate's blog. Many blog at home, while others (without internet access) can do this as part of their morning work or reading workshop. Now, getting them to blog DAILY will be an interesting experiment. I hope that helps!

      Here is my classroom website with some resources that might also help you with ideas. http://www.theflockjwr.com/student-blogging.html

  2. Hey Scott! So glad you are joining the fun. We'll have to connect our kids. ��

    1. Yes! We say that a lot, but let's actually do this! I was at Curriculum Council at CO all day today, so I will introduce SOL16 tomorrow. I'm interested to see how many will join me.

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  4. I remember reading some of your posts last year, Scott. Glad you're back and with your students. I blogged last year with students, too, but am now retired, but my colleague is blogging with students, from Denver. Look for him (Max Maclay) & maybe you can connect. Welcome back!

    1. Thanks Linda! Congratulations on your retirement. I will look for Max on the blogosphere and try to connect!

  5. Yay! Glad you are jumping in again. I started with our Darby Creek writers this evening. Some kids are back from last year. Hopefully I can juggle writing and commenting.

  6. And we're off! Glad your voice is in the mix!